3 Ways of Online Marketing

3 Ways of Online Marketing

By Lawrence Lee |1 August 2016

Majority of the growing businesses wouldn’t mind to have more sales for their businesses. As sales generates revenue which leads to profit for the businesses. However, most offline businesses lack of the capacity to generate sales from a different funnel, especially from online. So here are 3 ways for you to do marketing online which can help you increase your conversion rate of your online marketing.

Tips #1 Content Marketing

Content marketing simply means write up content related to your business to your interested buyer. Not potential but interested buyer. To educate them, the sole purpose of content marketing is not for pushing any sales but rather to educate the public regarding your services. From there, you will be able to create a group of raving fans to support your business. Reason being is very simple as you are branding yourself as an expert in your field and people appreciate free advices from the community as well. So content marketing works in this case which helps you to brand yourself at the same time, it helps you to market as well.

Tips #2 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in our terms is more for customer relationship management. Reason being, most posts in social media are meant for the mass public to greet them, to shows them you have them in your heart. Besides, you can launch a campaign via social media to create a viral marketing effects, depending who are your target market. And yes, it is very important to identify who are your target market, as it is almost impossible to appeal everyone. So, it will be better if managed to identify who are you target group and market to them based on their demographic.

Tips #3 Form Strategic Partnership

Again, back to who are your target market and where do your target market spend most of their time at. If your target market are those younger generation, then you will have to form strategic partnership with those viral content creators as most young people spend their time over there to scroll information and etc. If the target market are elder generation, then you will have to form partnership with news media as most of them read news rather than spend time on social media