7 Elements Of A Well Designed Website

7 Elements Of A Well Designed Website

By Lawrence Lee |1 August 2016

Most of the people wanted to develop a website. However, most of them doesn’t know how to develop an effective website. Here is 7 tips on how to develop a website with good conversion


Space regardless for any website are extremely important. Because compacted space will make your viewer difficult to pay attention to what are you trying to show from your website. Notably, most people today will never read a website, they only “scan” through a website.
That is why by giving out some space (Not only spacing between line but the overall open space) from your website can make the viewer easier to focus while they “scan” through and able to comprehend what are you trying to tell them.


To put it simple, navigation means to navigate your viewer for different content. It is a GPS for your viewer to see your website. So, insisting to make your navigation bar unique but make the viewer lost sight of your navigation is not a wise-choice. Just like you entering into a new country suddenly your GPS is not working, you turn your viewer off.

Share About Yourself

A good website should be able to describe what does the team do, who are them, their background and etc. Most importantly, share with your viewer on what is your website is all about! There is a technique for it, It is called story-crafting. Why story-crafting? Because people very often they buy your story behind it. Have you ever thought of why every time you got your attention attached to a certain thing? The reason is simple because it tells story and our brain absorb better when it comes in a form of story.

Ways To Reach You

Letting your viewer know on how to reach you is extremely important. Because that’s where you able to collect feedback on how do you able to improve. Most importantly, you able to keep in touch with your viewer as well!

Call To Action

Depending your purpose of your website, if your website wanted people fill up the enquiry form, make sure the enquiry form is visible. If you wanted people to subscribe your website, be sure that your subscription form/ button is huge enough for them to notice. As we shared earlier on, viewer don’t read website, they scan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO means it optimize your website in a sense your website able to get higher ranking in search engine. It is extremely crucial for any website, imagine if you are doing a dentist website and people type in “dentist” in Google, can you tell the difference of your website if your website appeared at the first rank on the first page in Google versus the last rank of the third page in Google? The sole purpose of SEO is to direct traffic to your website. In layman term, SEO is like an automated marketer to help you promote. Depending your needs, of course you can always use Google Adwords if you wanted to see better and quicker result. By using Adwords, your website will appeared as an advertisement in Google.


Lastly, in order for a good website to work, there are no such thing as best designed website. Depending your target market’s interest, if it doesn’t give any result, it is better to review your site traffic to see if the conversion ratio of your website exceed the expectation. As we are talking about a website which can deliver you result, instead of a fancy looking website but not giving you any results which most people doesn’t want. So, it is important to review your website result from time to time to see what kind of improvement can be made out of this.