Who are we

A boutique technology firm with expertise of the future

Builder of the future business world

In WPB, our purpose is to improvise how businesses are being conducted using technological innovation. The service and deliverable that we provide help to build confidence and credibility in the market. We cultivate a client-centric approach to continue deliver our promise to all stakehodlers. Through that approach, we are able to accelerate our client's success.

Why WPB?

Practical Innovation

We believe each technological implementation need to resolve a business-specific challenge, hence it is important to identify the utmost business challenge first before coming out with strategy and plan to address such challenge. Throughout years of implementation and consulting experiences, we have developed depth and breath of expertise in managing and implement technological improvement in companies.

Agile Scalability

Amidst of fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, businesses are facing disruption across the entire value chain. To get ahead such competition, conventional method doesnt yield as much as it used to in the past. Hence a business transformation helps organization to thrive in this digital age. That is where It is important to design a comprehensive integrated solution to take it to an enterprise-wide level.

Bespoke Implementation

Our offering extends beyond traditional consulting, project management and implementation model, as we adopt agile and lean mindset to helps our clients to chart the course of digitization. The team helps clients to move beyond recommendations and pilot projects, it delivers relentless focus on the client's business case and work alongside with client to resolve client's challenges and to help client on implementation to ensure long-term improvement.

Digital distruption has fostered opportunities and threats in different industries

In 4 years time, AirBnB has reach the same inventory as Hilton which took it 93 years to build.

According to a study, 75% of the S&P 500 will be new entrant by 2027.

49% of finance or reporting teams spend more time gathering & processing data rather than analyze it.

What are your goal today?

Harness the power of data

Digitize business operation

Modernize technology landscape

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