How To Implement B2B Solution

Business To Business Solution

How To Implement B2B Solution

By WebProBiz Solution Team |28 September 2016

Most corporates which has implemented e-commerce solution as part of their strategy to scale up, the reason why they have implemented e-commerce is because it’s capacity to:

  1. Cut cost for the company
  2. Flexible scalability across the global or local network
  3. Reduce human error to improve efficiency
  4. Better services, faster in term of speed and shorter sales cycle

However, there are some staffs within the companies are worried that the existence of e-commerce may replace their job in terms of their daily activities such as pushing out products, servicing customers, explaining customer’s questions which can be done by the aids of technology. So does it put them out of job? Actually it doesn’t, it served as a tool to help sales in terms of transactional sales, so the position of the sales staffs have been move up a level higher, more on strategic planning on selling the products which put the company’s resources in a better use. In other words, it maximized the company’s capacity to do sale by automating sales processes.

As general practice, normally companies who have implemented such solution especially in-house solution would need to have a pool of fund which are readily to be invested into such infrastructure. Depending the sophistication level of the company existing IT infrastructure. Usually it can be divided into 3 main categories as following:

Business To Business Solution - New

Usually are companies who didn’t have an IT team to maintain their system. Very often they will outsource the maintenance of their IT project to a third party IT partner. Usually, they won’t have their own server to host such file. For different system, they will have different partner. For such client, we usually will help them to maintain their system and host their system in our own server and train their internal staffs in terms of usage of the system.

Business To Business Solution - Seasoned

Companies who have a dedicated IT team to manage their own IT system, ranged from support, customization, troubleshooting and some small scale development. Such companies usually required training by the vendor on how to customize so that they can do it hands-on. For such client, we will help them integrate their existing accounting system with our system, meaning to say that in terms of data entry will be automated to ease their recruits’ workload.

Business To Business Solution - Sophisticated

Companies who are very season in automating their business processes, hiring a huge team of IT specialist. Not only implemented huge scale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system such as SAP, Oracle and Infor, they empowered their operating staffs by mobile apps and management staffs with big data analytics. It will not be surprising that they have their own e-commerce software ready. Normally, the reason they choose us is because our capacity to customized certain features to fit their business better as our system is our own in-house developed, so any additional features will be possible to be included.

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