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A boutique technology firm with expertise of the future

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We create win-win situation by enabling client success

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Our Vision

To become the leading IT consulting firm focusing on 3 core pillars, Cloud, Blockchain and Intelligent Automation for enterprises use case in the region.

Our Purpose

To modernize business and industry.

Our Mission

We provide accurate insights & meticulous implementation methodology to migitate risks for enterprise IT implementation

Who are we

We are a team of technology professional who help company to harness business value from technology, embark digital transformation journey with the latest technology and we bring in proven innovation to solve the most pressing business pain points

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Our Work

Cloud Adoption ▪ Blockchain ▪ Machine Learning

Cloud Adoption

Constant evolving business environment has become a norm in today business context, how can enterprise leverage on technology with better flexibility to scale up and scale down to cope with changes.


Distributed ledger has sparked various business use cases, usually business case which required validation, transparency and tracability will be a perfect scenario for blockchain adoption, so how can company identify what are the hidden opportunity underlying each business processes.

Intelligent Automation

Machine Learning is one of the founding pillar for intelligent enterprise. As part of automation efforts, machine learning is being used aid business transaction. However, before leveraging on machine learning, it is crucial for company to cultivate its own pool of data warehouse to use data to train machine. Reach out to us to see how can we help your company achieve goals

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As we value personal touch, we would like to understand your business better and see how can we value add to your business. Reach out to our pre-sales team to see how can we create compouding effect on your business today.

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