Organic Search vs Paid Search

Organic Search vs Paid Search

By Lawrence Lee |1 August 2016

Organic Search vs Paid Search which one works better for you?
When comes to search engine returns results, there come in 2 form.

Organic Search

Which is powered by Search Engine. Whereby the results showing viewer the closest match to the search query based on relevance. Meaning to say if the website contained those keywords which inserted by the viewer in the search engine, the website will be shown as a part of the list back to the viewer. Of course, there are a bunch of them, depending the traffic on your website on how many clicks appeared on your website then the search engine will decide which page and which rank will your website be.

Paid Search

For paid search, the website owner has to pay for their website to be displayed. The advantage of paid search is website owner’s website will have better ranking compared to organic search as paid search is actually a form of advertising whereby people paid so that they can have better ranking in the search engine and it cost for every time viewer click in and view your website through the ads link.

Lets look into a deeper business context and how these two are able to help you in your business.

Research shown that, 94% of the users prefer organic search over paid search and the top first result from the search engine received 33% of the traffic, then the second result get 18% and the lower the ranking goes, the lesser the traffic they received. Out of this 6% of paid search user, 47% of them are men while 53% of them are women and younger searcher are unlikely will click on paid ads as only 35% of them are clicking on paid ads however 65% of them who click on paid ads are those 35 years old and elder.

So when comes to marketing strategy for businesses, should we use paid search or organic search? It is actually depends who is our target group demographic. Based on the research by, it shown that elder generation has higher chances to click through paid ads, it actually indicate that if the business target customer is the elder generation, it is better to use paid ads. While if the business is target younger group, organic search will be much better.