The Current B2B Phenomena

Business To Business Phenomena

The Current B2B Phenomena

By Lawrence Lee |27 September 2016

For a conventional product based company, B2B means the sales of their products usually involved the procurement of their clients. This phenomena usually involved various documents start from initiating an enquiry from clients to the company usually attached with Purchase Requisition, then the company will respond with a quotation. Upon, confirmation, Purchase Order (PO) will be issued by clients to company and an invoice will be issued by the company to the clients after company agreed on the PO. Due to local’s GST implementation, normally company will send out tax invoice upon receiving PO. After completed customer’s order, deliver order (DO) will be issued to the client as verification. If there is no returning goods, then that will be the end of the sales cycle.

The whole process can be complicated if returning is involved. As everyone knows that such sales process involved a lot of documentation, paper works, and human works which cost a lot of efforts, a single human error may leads to confusion, amendment and delay. Are such expenses cheap or costly to the company? Very often company hire more staffs just to maintain the order of the sales process. With IT to help will the staffs can be allocated in a more strategic position? Hence, IT play an important role in terms of automate the whole process, in sales context, it will be a B2B e-commerce platform.

Our Start-up Story

We started our career in IT industry since 3 years ago, The reason why we, Webprobiz (WPB) started our own in-house developed e-commerce software is because we noticed there is a huge shift in terms of behavior in retails industry, the way that people order air flight tickets (no longer order from counter), purchasing books even reserve for a taxi have changed. However, what we have noticed is there is a huge gap between changes in behavior in retails versus corporate whereby in B2B advancement within Malaysia still far behind compared to countries like China, US or Singapore. Therefore, we wanted to make some changes in Malaysia local business context as well as other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and etc.

Years before we started our own, we realized there is an ill-practice in IT industry. Whereby company’s sales data is being used by the third party solution provider for their own promotion purposes or even sell off the customer’s contact in a set of database to third party. Which in a way, go against our principle of integrity to serve our clients and protect our client interest. We realized that in order to protect client’s interest, client have to get full access and full control in terms of their databases especially sales data to prevent further complication. That’s another reason why we started our own solution by implementing on client’s site

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